Academic Supervision
PhD & MBA Academic Supervision
  1. Mwangi Kamau Information Systems Integration, Information Technology Capability, Organizational Ambidexterity and the Performance of Banks in Kenya. With Prof. Njihia.  April 2018.
  2. Nyalita A. M., Succession Planning, Entrepreneurial Orientation, Business Development Services and the Performance of Small and Medium Family Businesses in Machakos County, Kenya. November 2015.
  3. Kithusi A. N. Resources, External Environment, Business Strategy and Performance of Micro and Small Enterprises Within the Furniture Sector in Nairobi County, Kenya. With Dr. Gathungu and Prof. Wainaina. November 2015
  4. Bett J. K. The Effect of Entrepreneurial Orientation and Resource Endowment on the Relationship of External Environment and Firm Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Kenya. With Vincent Machuki.
  5. Sabana B., Entrepreneur Financial Literacy, Financial Access, Transaction Costs and Performance of Micro Enterprises in Nairobi City County, Kenya.  November 2014.
  6. Robert K. M. Knowledge Management Strategy, Organizational Competency and Competitiveness in the Book Publishing Industry, 2008 with Prof. G.P. Pokhariyal and Prof. Peter Kobonyo
  7. Chiyoge S. The Linkage between Environment, Mission, Leadership, Strategy, Structure, Core Competencies and Firm Performance: A Test of the Hexagonal Model in the Kenyan parastatals, 2007 with Prof. Peter Kobonyo.
  8. David K. M. An Investigation of the Relationship between Course Delivery Systems and Learner’s Needs: A case study of the external degree programme of the University of Nairobi. 2004


MBA Candidates Supervised to Completion Leading to the Award of the Degree of Masters of Business Administration at University of Nairobi.

  1. Ajele D. D. (2014) Implementation Strategies of the Public Procurement Law in Kenya: A Case Study of Public Procurement Oversight Authority.
  2. Akech L. O. (2014) Response Strategies to Changes in External Environment by Sony Sugar Company Limited.
  3. Ali H. A. (2014) The Effects of Penetration Pricing Strategies on Performance of Firms in the Mobile Telephony Industry in Kenya.
  4. Arupe R. J. (2014) Strategic Change Management Practices at the National Bank of Kenya Ltd.
  5. Gakuo S. W. (2014) Entry Strategies Used by China Wu Yi Company Limited in its Penetration of the Kenyan Market.
  6. Guchu A. M. (2014)  Strategic Management Practices in Parliament of Kenya.
  7. Isanda M. (2014) Strategies for Managing Complexity in Kenya Power Limited.
  8. Kanugu D. M. (2014) Strategies Used by Indigenous Kenya Commercial Banks in Expanding into Africa.
  9. Karwitha P. (2014) Effects of Monetary Union on Promotion of Regional Trade in East Africa.
  10. Kiboi P. M. (2014)  The Role of it Governance in Aligning Business Strategies at Airtel Kenya Limited
  11. Manali M. (2014)  Strategic Benefits and Challenges of Mobile Banking in Kenyan Commercial Banks.
  12. Mbaabu M. K. (2014) The State of Strategic Planning in the Teachers Service Commission Kenya.
  13. Miceka G. K. (2014) Strategic Change Management Practices and Sustainability Models Adopted by International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in Kenya.
  14. Mogeni J. K. (2014)  Strategies Employed to Achieve Competitive Advantage by Wananchi Group in the Telecommunication Industry in Kenya.
  15. Mulunda L. N. (2014) Strategy Implementation of Technology to Enhance Supply Chain Management Best Practices at UNICEF.
  16. Musembi C. M. Competitive Strategies Adopted by Tribe Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya.
  17. Ngetich G. K. (2014) D61/60549/2013          B. Ndemo  Dr. R. Kitiabi    Challenges of Strategic Outsourcing by Mobile Telecommunication Companies in Kenya.
  18. Ngui S. K. (2014)  Strategies for the Implementation of Traffic Regulations within the Public Transport Sector in Nairobi City, Kenya.
  19. Njenga J. W. (2014) Strategic Change and Choice of Change Agency at the Commercial Bank of Africa, Kenya
  20. Njenga R. W. (2014)  Challenges Faced by Stakeholders in Strategy Formulation of the Electricity Sector in Kenya.
  21. Obiga S. D. (2014) Challenges of Strategy Implementation at the Nairobi County Government.
  22. Ogechi R. K. (2014) Strategic Responses by the National Bank of Kenya to the Dynamic Environment.
  23. Omar D. A. (2014) Impact of Strategy on Performance in Public Sector; A Case Study of Kenya Revenue Authority.
  24. Onditi J. O. (2014)  Challenges of Strategy Implementation of Public Private Partnership in Infrastructure Development at Rift Valley Railways Kenya Limited.
  25. Ongaki S. B. (2014) Strategic Management Practices at Jubilee Insurance Company of Kenya Limited.
  26. Oundo S. B. W. (2014)  Strategic Management Practices at Triad Architects Limited.
  27. Sabala M. (2014) Strategic Planning by Internet Service Providers in the Telecommunication Industry in Kenya.
  28. Said M. J. S. (2014)  Strategic Management Practices and Performance of Islamic Banks in Kenya: A Case Study of Gulf African Bank.
  29. Salah A. A. (2014) Strategic Planning and Performance of Banks in Kenya: A Case of National Bank of Kenya
  30. Wachira J. C. (2014) Strategic Approaches to Affordable Houses in Nairobi County, Kenya.