Amb. Bitange Ndemo, PhD., FKIM, CBS

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Professional Profile

Kenya’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium

Professional Profile

I am a global technocrat and currently serving as Kenya’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium. Previously, I was the Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Nairobi School of Business. I am also an advocate of development strategies leveraging emergent technologies and social enterprise in Africa. I sit on boards of several high-profile organizations such as East Africa’s most profitable company – Safaricom – and a senior advisor three UN agencies and other non-governmental institutions.

My skills, capabilities and experience are varied. They include over 8 years’ CEO-equivalent experience as Permanent Secretary in Ministry of Information and Communications for the Government of Kenya, high-level policy development and public administration, university-level teaching, academic research and graduate supervision, design and implementation of curriculum, academic leadership and administration, innovation management and public speaking to mention but a few.

I have over 30 years of business, finance and technology expertise gained from my years in Government, Higher Education and the Private Sector. I am widely published in refereed academic journals and I am also a leading public intellectual offering my expertise as a columnist and commentator in high-quality, cross-cutting media platforms.

Below is a sample of my notable achievements :

Key Achievements

  • Professor of Entrepreneurship
  • Associate Professor at the School of Business, University of Nairobi, where he supervised over 7 PhDs with 5 others at an advanced stage.
  • Former Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information and Communication, Republic of Kenya where I notably led the development of the undersea cables into East Africa and the Kenya Open Data Initiative and oversaw implementation of policies that enabled M-PESA and other innovations. 
  • Board Member, Safaricom PLC, the largest company in Eastern and Central Africa
  • Senior Advisor to UNCDF’s Better than Cash Alliance
  • Member of OECD Panel of Experts on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain
  • Member of World Economic Forum’s Blockchain Council
  • A Senior Advisor to UNESCO’s NETEXPLO FORUM
  • Member of Global Learning Council
  • Senior Advisor to Research ICT Africa
  • Senior Advisor to the United Nations’ Global Pulse
  • Chair, Department of Business Administration, School of Business, University of Nairobi 
  • Author of several many academic papers, book chapters and co-author of Digital Kenya – An Entrepreneurial Revolution in the Making
  • Advisor to several governments in Africa and South America as well as other private and public sector institutions
  • Holder of a PhD in Industrial Economics from Sheffield University, United Kingdom, and degrees in business administration, accounting and finance.

Special assignments and leadership

Chairman, Kenya Government Taskforce on Distributed Ledgers & Artificial Intelligence

2018 – to date

Member, Board of Directors, Safaricom Limited

2017 – to date

Senior Advisor,UNCDF’s Better than Cash Alliance, An initiative to digitize payment systems

2013 – to date

Chairman, Department of Business Administration, University of Nairobi

2017 – 2018

Chairman, Global Alliance for Affordable Internet

2013 – 2015

Head, University-Industry Relationship committee, University of Nairobi

2018 – to date



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Forthcoming Papers

Ndemo B., (2020) Entrepreneurial Education and Innovative Pedagogy: A Case Study of Mpesa Foundation Academy.

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