Digital Kenya is the first on management in Kenya as well as the first book on management in Africa, focusing on one country. “Kenyans write for Kenyans”; all contextual information is provided by those living, working, breathing the Kenyan ICT sector. 

Digital Kenya

Presenting rigorous and original research, this volume offers key insights into the historical, cultural, social, economic and political forces at play in the creation of world-class ICT innovations in Kenya. 

Intended for practitioners, educators and scholars, Digital Kenya offers revealing chapters written by experts in the field and insightful interviews with key shapers of the tech community.

Kenya is a key hub of this entrepreneurial activity. Its capital, Nairobi, is one of the most important cities on the African continent and is a fertile environment from which to draw valuable insights on one country’s specific business ecosystem, and to begin to understand business in Africa.
Kenya is seen as one of the most important gateways to other African markets. Comprehending the dynamics and peculiarities of Kenya’s ICT landscape is the first step towards understanding other key sectors in Kenya and beyond.

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Other Book Chapters & Reports

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